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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.

The past 1,5 years has seen me venture out of my proverbial comfort box into the most amazing adventure of being a professional artist who now shares his knowledge with other aspiring and even budding artists. As I am so diverse in expression and connection with others, my classes are varied in the ages and styles and I am pleased to introduce you to how I teach art.


Art Lessons

This is all about assisting a person in the pursuit of expression, by honing latent and known skills through varying mediums. The instruction is one on one and the client/potential artist and I work side by side on their creations until what they have dreamt becomes a physically manifested image on canvas or paper, in fact whatever medium they choose as I work across a multitude of platforms.

My art studio My art studio Joker (Heath Ledger) by Hayley-Ann Rogers
Joker (Heath Ledger) by Hayley-Ann Rogers Joker (Heath Ledger) by Hayley-Ann Rogers Ocean Dream by Justin Poulton Ocean Dream by Justin Poulton Their first ever pastel work by Melissa-Ann (left age 8) Megan (right age 9) Terminator by Hayley-Ann Rogers Terminator by Hayley-Ann Rogers

  Classes are a minimum of 1 hour per week and exclude materials.  

Arts & Crafts

If someone is passionate about art and isn’t too sure which medium or style they would like to pursue, then this is a great fit as I still do one on one instruction, but here I provide all the materials. This means the budding artist can now explore whatever their creative side wants whilst remaining free from the expense of buying all these products whilst they discover which medium they really want to work in.

Dino Landscape by Melissa-Ann (age 8) Dino Landscape by Melissa-Ann (age 8)

Ages for these classes are from 6-year olds upwards as there is no too old bracket. I have found that it is very beneficial for students as they explore so many diverse styles and mediums and I am able to teach them sketching, painting, pastel work, canvas and paper work and even sculpting.

Kung Fu Panda vs Dragon by Abbeygail (age 6) White Wolf by Megan (age 10)

I have seen the fun that is experienced when they discover all my art materials too.

Masked Butterfly by Abbeygail (age 6) Pony by Hannah (age 6)

  Classes start at 30 minutes once per week for ages 5 - 7 and then it is1 hour minimum per week for all ages above.  

Craft Class

Wild West themed week 2
Wild West themed week 2 Wild West themed week 2 Wild West themed week 2 Wild West themed week 2

I would never have imagined that I could teach art to 2 and 3-year olds, but I have been doing all kinds of crazy craft projects with a group of children at a playgroup for a year and we are having a total blast. This exciting journey has shown me that these wonderful soul beings are truly open to the experience of art as they are developing fine motor skills and also learning the joy that comes from creative expression. Their vocabulary has increased immensely as they associate colours and actions from exposure to a world that would possibly never have been available to them.

Easter Themed Month Easter Themed Month My mom helping out prep the little ones projects.
Easter Themed Month Easter Themed Month

My whole intention with these classes is to expand their concepts of art as we do not make the classic pictures that one would think little ones can handle. I want to stimulate their creative sides and bring those cute smiles to the fore as I see them jumping into this world of fun and imagination.

Wild West themed week 1 Wild West themed week 1 Valentines Day Valentines Day

I am also offering monthly little artist classes for groups to experience arts and crafts in my art studio.

  These classes are for a half hour per week and are group based with a minimum of 12 in a class and I provide all materials.  

Craft Class

The power of the group is immense and so I am launching fun creative arts and crafts days and nights where people are able to make things they have seen on social media and dreamt of even when they think they don’t have a creative or artistic bone in their body. These classes are group based and I set the project per month so that all in the class are making the same things. For instance, we may have a fabric painting week and then each person brings an item of clothing they want to jazz up and we use my paints and imagination to get them there. Each one’s personal expression will come through but the topic is painting clothes for that week.

Ideas that I have for these projects are

  • Paint shoes with stencil
  • Bisque painting
  • Making of Christmas toys
  • Making of greeting cards
  • Making Muppets or Teddy Bears
  • Painting on bags, T-Shirts or anything fabric
  • Creating pillows of pets in watercolour technique
  • Thematic painting as a group, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Scenery, Beach or Sea Scapes, Nature Scenes, Fun Comedic imagery and loads more.
  • Nail Art
  • Abstract art splashing like Jackson Pollak
  • And many more...
  Classes are limited to 6 per class and I provide art materials but the client is to provide items of clothing etc. Classes are for 2 hours per alternate week and can also become weekly if the group so desires. Wine and snacks are essential for any fun art creation time, so I won’t say no to sharing in this with my students.  

Craft Class

The concept is also for a group class structure, but I want to focus on developing techniques more than just creating fun things. So even if someone is enrolled in Art Lessons with me, or coming to the Let’s Do Art classes, they could enrol in this group class to learn art techniques.

I will be offering lessons in these following topics:Stippling

  • Palette Knife work
  • Shading
  • Blending
  • True Concept perspective
  • The 4 Pillars of Art
  • Learning techniques of the masters by analysing their body of work
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