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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
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  Book & CD covers  

I have also designed some awesome book covers for my mother, Jânée Dewart, as well as a few of her CDs. This then led to other people asking me to do some designs for their projects too.

- Book Covers-
The journey of coming up with this design for the book, took many different concepts until we settled on a phoenix and then it was easy to sketch and I love the way it looks now. The fact that my mom runs phoenix energy should mean, duck and run for cover as things can get explosive in this house. But it was awesome to do this for her as I really believe that she knows how to unleash and control her power now. Ha ha. - completed in July 2010 Take up The Challenge - completed in 2007

- CD Designs-
Kristen Chamont, a simplistic cover for a song done for a beach themed wedding.  - completed in November 2015  A DVD done with my sis for this awesome jazz band - completed in 2015  This is what I made for my sister's debut album. I decided to paint her picture instead of merely taking a photo.- completed in 2014 My mom wanted something awe inspiring to go with her 5 minute meditation CD.- completed in 2013 I was asked to create a CD cover that would show higher energies interacting with us and also to incorporate many different symbols and elements whilst holding true to the fact that everything my mom does must be grounded. I do believe we accomplished this here. - completed in July 2009 Soul Journey, was the first cover I did for my mom and she wanted me to show that life is all about the journey we take and that it had to feel surreal too.- completed in 2007

  Photo Correction  
  Very recently I discovered that I can fix up old or low quality pictures or as I like to call them memories. So you can have them enlarged and looking beautiful forever.

This photo was very tiny and covered in low quality pixels, and now it's cleaned up and printed on a A2 stretch canvas.


Digital art isn’t just for print and here I created images that could be used for embroidering on clothes for gifting at Christmas and birthdays.


An eagle rises out of the sun. The embroidered eagle on the shirt, colours are compromised slightly - completed before Christmas 2006 An array of arrows are shown around a clear target. The completed emroidery of the sharp shooter emblem on the back of a shamanic shirt - completed before Christmas 2006
Native American shirts with wicked designs.

This sketch is so close to the real man that it is absolutely hilarious, he doesnít have a monkey though. As we were making a gown for him, I digitally painted a background to match the wizard or wizaaard as we called him. The completed gown with embroidered wizaaard on the back. - completed in May 2008
A Wizardry drawing made for a wizaaard who lives on top of an African mountain.

I captured my momís mad Harley passion for fun here. I could have spent hours layering and highlighting but when you embroider it has to be a flatter image, but I still love this picture. The gown is blue and it finally came a year after the 50th and now she loves it so so much.- completed in September 2011
This is an awesome Birthday gift for my Mother's 50th Birthday as she is the Hot Rod Mamma.

  Website Design  
I had loads of fun making my own colourful website and it wasn't the only one I did. So go check out these other ones that I have done.
Musical Muse Development
Sandton Montessori pre-School
Soul Alchemy
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