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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
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I am as skilled at painting on the computer as I am on a canvas and that is why many of the things I draw become prints that are available for purchase. When you look at these remember that I have made them all to allow the viewer, and that is you, to have a feeling of hope, fun and also to inspire you in your life.


When you either look at the picture or read the message you will feel something stirring within you and that is what I intended. I have collated these together under the title heartfelt, as they are meant to awaken something in you.

This Shamanic Woman is offering you her healing combined with her ability to see into the unknown realms. And she is willing to guide you into a future where you are healed and able to change your fate and rise up into your destiny. - completed in January 2014    

A wonderful representation of how I feel that the universe is giving to us continuously. - completed in January 2013 This woman is resting in a place of stillness and she has let go of all cares. - completed in July 2010The Elfin face looks at you intently and you are compelled to believe in myths. - completed in June 2007 When I made this I wanted to show someone being equally wise and goofy. I like the effect of a baby with a dragon head. It screams different. - completed in May 2007When you look different to the rest, you are often misunderstood and this character tells us to believe in our dreams and I think that is so cool. - completed in March 2007 It is always rewarding to know that you are working towards a goal that is fulfilling and this walk to the top of the temple says keep going, you are on the right path. Reward is imminent. - completed in March 2005


Okay when you get to this place, I reward you with that chilled out, take a load off picture fest. Ha ha. These artworks share my inane sense of humour.


I was persuaded to use the “God taking a piss joke” and then I had absolute fun making a prospector running into a golden shower ;) get it lol. - completed in Febuary 2013 This little gal is all about having fun and not caring what others think. I LOVE IT! - completed in Febuary 2013 A surfer is synonymous with a lack of stress and this guy stands against his board looking down at his feet, maybe he hasn’t seen them for a while. - completed in April 2007 Let your inner diva come out as you party till your legs give out. - completed in April 2007Partying with style as she stands almost aloof but knowing that she is really a hot babe. - completed in March 2007 Ok so the mere fact that a dead guy is telling you to stop worrying should get your attention. Take time to breathe, you don’t get out of this life alive.- completed in August 2005

  Fun Animals  

I have always wanted a Christmas card that is in the summer and hanging out by the beach having a Braai. If you are wondering about the Penguins, well it’s because of Cape Town of course, and they’re very cute ;) - completed in Febuary 2014I just love bringing life to my cute and cuddly pets, mine being the big pawed monster Yang, and yes they are actually named Ying (left) and Yang (right). But what I love most about this pic is the Absolute bliss of it all. - completed in March 2013 Mira and Podgy show off their powers as they take a stand for right. Hmm food and fun is what they think! - completed in August 2011
I like to think that I can bring something funny out of anything. When you have adorable pets, it is easy to see their humanness too. Hey, we can really act like animals too.


The key to living in harmony comes from one’s ability to remain calm no matter what is happening around you. I love the concept of standing strong and finding peace and these pictures are meant to bring that up in you too.


Allow this ascended being to inspire you as she has motivated me to reach for more in my own life. - completed in April 2013 The sketch of this old fella was done quite some time ago in my learning period and I was proven wrong when my muses INSTRUCTED me to use him. And boy, were they right, he looks like he has travelled far and is soooo ready to reap his harvest. - completed in Febuary 2013 This invincible warrior is unphased by the world she finds herself in. She knows that her strength comes from within.- completed in April 2007 Even when you think the world is cold and unfriendly, you can trust in the fact that a door will always open before you and you will be led out into the light. - completed in March 2007 Nirvana is a type of heaven and fortunately this print shows that you don’t have to die to find peace on earth. It is attainable right here and now too. - completed in June 2005

  Harness the Power  

I have had this amazing warrior in sketch form for quite some time now, but I am so glad that you can now see the awesomeness that he truly is, atop a mountain claiming his long awaited prize of true MASTERY! - completed in June 2015I can remember sketching this celtic inspired guardian in what felt like a dream state, and I am so glad to see him in his full glory. WOW. - completed in Febuary 2013
This artwork comes from deep within me as I love dragons and the power of red is prolific in my life. I recognise that I captured some  incredible here and so I share his real power in the fullness of its presence with you. - completed in Febuary 2013 The intensity of colour shows the extent of the movement of energy and the graphics depict a man and a dragon coming into a mutually beneficial relationship.  - completed in December 2007 A lot of people look at this card and go, wow as the metallic warrior has literally destroyed all his opposition. Know that you can conquer anything you set your mind too.  - completed in April 2007 I love that this judge is sitting on an icy chair as his butt must freeze too. He is contemplating the choices before you and then offers you a solution that you either accept or reject.- completed in March 2007
Now these are amongst my favourites, because they are all about standing strong amidst the storm and not just triumphing over your challenges but conquering them as well.

  Personal Reflection  

When you look at this guy catching fish, think of having the privilege of letting your dreams become realities whilst you enjoy your life. - completed in March 2011
I did this digital watercolour to remind myself of what it feels like to truly create the life I choose. Easy and effortless and then also to say, I can do what I want and not follow the herd.


  Fan Art  


My Motor Morat is inspired by Corvus Belli's Infinity Morats, they are basically space monkeys sent to take over the Human Sphere and they just love to lay down the pain. - completed in July 2015

II have very recently entered an art competition for a tabletop game called infinity. And with loads of inspiration and enthusiasm I dived right in. And Now I am thinking of drawing more awesome hero's of mine from all kinds of themes and genres.

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