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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
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  Chalk Pastel Artworks  

Something I do occasionally is drawing with chalk pastels and these two paintings were done at different times of my life. The first shows how I learnt about anatomy and my mom loved his butt so much she claimed it.  The other is a forest I drew quickly for my little Elfin sister so she can almost loose herself in the woods.

The anatomy depicted here shows how I was learning to define muscle structure and the colour palette allows for the calming energy. - completed in 2000 This is what I call spoiling my family. Yeah I just had to do this for my cute and cuddly little sis, she just loves the forests of the world. For some reason I have always found chalk pastel drawings to be very relaxing for me and this was a gift intended for my Sis Mijaelle. - Completed March 2015

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