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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
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  Bisques & Sculptures  

An artist can have many different expressions and I find that I also enjoy sculpting as well as painting other people’s sculptures as seen in the bisques (premade sculptures) that I have painted and added here. My comedic self is seen in the ones I made for the family too.

Finished of these bad girls with the #airbrush ??

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My mom has no problem getting me to paint things for her and so whilst she was out and about one day she saw this Buddha in bisque form and immediately went... aha I can get J‚ree to paint this for me. Let me tell you she is very particular about what she likes and well what can I say, it is great and I love the way he came out. - Completed May 2015
The importance of a peace pipe to the Native American Indians, is known far and wide and I loved making this bisque appear like real wood. Part of the Native American Indian way is the identification with a particular animal as a totem. Here a warrior is in mid flight with his eagle totem as part of himself. This medicine woman with her eagle totem has the ability to see into other realms and when I painted her, I felt her intensity.

These funny guys make you smile and I painted them to say, whatís up, have fun man.

Introducing the awesome, funny and adorable sculptures made by me, Jâree.

It is lift-off time for this guy as he takes his flame to higher dimensions. The animal man bears it all, you just canít see his behind here. I love the booties of this woman as she heads out seeking new lands and experiences.

These beautiful sculptures were my sister and I's first attempt at sculpting something very special for my Mother's Birthday. With her help and understanding of nature we were able to blow even our expectations away....

- Completed August 2013 - - Completed August 2013 - - Completed August 2013 - - Completed August 2013 -

- Completed August 2013 - - Completed August 2013 - - Completed August 2013 - - Completed August 2013 -

Each Nature Being is rising up to meet each other both being made up of wood from Palm Fronds, Oak trunk for base and various tree bark. And of course loads and loads of TLC from both Mijaelle (Sister) and I.

- Completed August 2013 - - Completed August 2013 -

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