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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
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I have always enjoyed getting my hands dirty using soft -pastels, and even getting dust all over my face, especially my nose. Only very recently have I been motivated by my family to create a diverse collection of these inspired works made with effortless ease. So keep your eyes peeled, as I will be exhibiting these and many more very soon!

- Pastels for SALE -

She was an absolute delight to paint, as she was always playing around in my imagination encouraging me to be myself and make sound even if it is loud and noisy. She is the perfect soul buddy and guardian angel for any music lover. I call her Sami, The Music Fairy. - completed 21 September 2016 R2500
Sami, The Music Fairy

50cm x 70cm
I was a little nervous at first as I resonate with the Native American way of life so very much. But ones truth must come out and I could see this being gazing into the sky as he considers the beauty of life. I call this picture Stargazer. R1100 - completed 31 March 2016Stargazer
This amazing lady and I have a history as I battled to allow her to reveal her strength and beauty. But, just as Source, she won and so I am pleased to depict her looking deep within until she is able to bring her imaginings to the forefront. I aptly called her Soul Reflection. R1100 - completed 29 March 2016 Soul Reflection
R 1100
  The Shaolin Monks train intensively to reach a place of calm and this one is in his state of altered consciousness whilst he manoeuvres the forces in and around him. He lives in the state of balance as depicted by the Yin/Yang behind him and I call him, At One. R1000 - completed 24 March 2016 At One
R 1000
This picture calls to me and I see the gentleness and strength in this older bear. He has seen so much of life and he is at peace with his life. I call him Old Bear as he is alert and ready for action. R1100 - completed 22 March 2016 Old Bear
R 1100
Honour is all that you think of when you contemplate the life of a true Samurai. I live by this code and so it was more than natural for me to bring this incredible being to life. I call him The True Samurai. R1200 - completed 14 March 2016 The True Samurai
R 1200
I have a quirky sense of humour and when I think of aliens, it is generally as fun communicative life forms and this one came for a package tour called The Cowboy Experience. Enjoy the humour. R950 - completed 8 June 2015
Cowboy Experience

R 950
FSo during his visit on Earth, the naughty alien took a memento, the cowboys hat which caused the cowboy to chase down the dog that he is, to reclaim his prized possession. Cowboys and their hats are never parted. I call this one The Alien Chase. R950 - completed 11 March 2016
Alien Chase

R 950
  Story telling time is wonderful time as it means you have captured something from deep within you and that you are now ready to share it with the world. I love the enjoyment in his face as he regales us with his tale. I call this The Gepetto Story. R900 - completed 1 March 2016 Teh Gepetto Story
R 900
This Mystical Owl brings wisdom to all he beholds as he comes forth from the moon which allows us to reflect and gain insight. Allow his vision to translate across all boundaries as he shows you how to fly effortlessly. R1000 - completed 18 Febuary 2016 Mystical Owl
R 1000
  Fairy Rainbow is that magical moment after the storm has passed and all the hidden creatures emerge from their shelter and celebrate the beauty all around us. R900 - completed 20 November 2015 Fairy Rainbow
R 900
I believe that we are surrounded by little people that allow us to reclaim our imagination and this little guy is musing about the good things in his life and he is thus called Moon Dream. R800 - completed 14 November 2015 Moon Dream
R 800
Winter Wizard is the depiction of a wonderfully warm being casting magic in the middle of the frozen cold lands. R1000 - completed 9 November 2015
Winter Wizard

This happy golden dragon is just hanging around and checking out the scene and when I made him, all I could think of was that feeling of absolute freedom when you let yourself drop into the hands of the Divine. So I call him Joyful Dragon. R800 - completed 20 October 2015
Joyful Dragon

Geckos are magical animals as they can handle harsh environments and this one is styling too. I love the different colouring he has and that he is peeking out from around a tree with curiosity. I call him Gecko Smile. R1000 - completed 14 October 2015
Gecko Smile

My feeling in creating this picture was based on the fact that love is something unique and she is totally into Robot Bliss. They have a kinky kinda love that warms the heart and so she is called Robot Sweetheart. R1100 - completed 6 October 2015
Robot Sweetheart

My feeling in creating this picture was all about showing that childlike innocence that lies hidden in all of us. He is called Robot Bliss as he is totally relaxed and happy with life. R800 - completed 29 May 2015
Robot Bliss

I love dragons and this picture speaks of the ability to use dragon power to embrace your strength and to literally become invincible. I love his gaze and so called him, Dragon Eyes as he encourages me to be more. R950 - completed 2 October 2015
Dragon Eyes

When you think of a gorilla you generally think ominous as they are so huge, but when I was doing this picture all that wanted to come forth, was the caring loving aspect and so she even got a little baby to look after. I call this Gorilla Love and I hope she reminds you that even scary things have soft hearts. R1000 - completed 28 September 2015
Gorilla Love

Have you ever lain back on the grass and looked up at the sky and dreamt of all things possible, if so then you will relate to this hyper relaxed guy who is at one with his world and he is called Daydream. R800 - completed 17 September 2015 Daydream
I resonate with the buffalo and I hold true to the Native American tradition of the power of a White Bison that appears bringing blessing and enlightenment. I call this one Astral Bison as he has travelled from the heart of Spirit to bring you this message of connected power. R1100 - completed 15 September 2015 Astral Bison
When I finished this, I had to laugh as it seemed to represent a younger version of me. I can remember my childhood when I had no limitations and I wanted to capture this as a reminder that as an adult I can still do anything. He is called Zoom Zoom. R950 - completed 10 September 2015
Zoom Zoom

Wolves and I have a long history dating back over lifetimes and Wolf Vision, as this is called came into being as I wanted to show the harmony and prowess they carry as they are actually wonderful family oriented beings. R1100 - completed 8 September 2015
Wolf Vision

Panda Zen started as the portrayal of a Jedi, and evolved into that moment of absolute oneness and harmony with your surroundings: he is frankly just adorable ;) R800 - completed 1 September 2015
Panda Zen

Earth Light was started whilst in Magaliesburg surrounded by nature and a gurgling river, and I couldn't help but let this Earth Shaman appear beckoning the world to awaken. R1000 - completed 31 August 2015 Earth Light
R 1000
  Golden Tiger. I had never heard of such a tiger and when I saw a photo of how beautiful they are, I fell in love and had to paint this too.  I made mine emerge through the golden light of creation. R1000 - completed 29 June 2015
Golden Tiger
R 1000
Meditation is an integral part of my life as it allows me to reach beyond the wrestling of the mind, into that place which is always welcoming and open and filled with truth. I love the absolute surrender in this being and I call this Moon Meditation. R700 - completed 20 June 2015
Moon Meditation

  Manga is part of my fun repertoire and I love the crazy way the young Japanese girls dress up, and so I had to bring her to light as an inspiration to dance in the world of many colours without thought of who is watching. I call her Go Go Girl. R950 - completed 11 June 2015
Go Go Girl
R 950
When you see a Buddha with his hand raised like this, it denotes a blessing being bestowed. As I am an earth sign, he had to be in a truly strong cave so the blessings could flow in and through without knocking you off your feet. Hope you receive the gift he is offering as he is called The Buddha’s Blessing. R900 - completed 10 June 2015
Buddha's Blessing

There is nothing more rewarding than finding an oasis, when you feel like you are wandering in the heat of a desert. I purposely placed a chilled out camel in the scene as I wanted to show that no matter what, you can breathe in the serenity and so he is called Cool Camel. R600 - completed 4 May 2015
Cool Camel



- SOLD Pastels -

Luari is a Spirit Guide to a Kahuna healer, and she is one with the ocean granting healing to all in need - completed 22 October 2016 My mom lives a phoenix life, so I am always drawn to the fire of these transformative beings. I wanted to depict the intensity of his gaze and show that the fires in life are not necessarily harmful. He is called Phoenix Fire. R1000 - completed 11 September 2015

What would life be like if you could dance under the trees and take flight whenever you felt like it? Probably totally magical and that is what this Gypsy Fairy is telling you to do, look for the things that make you happy and shove the rest out of mind. R600 - completed 14 May 2015 Beluga Bubbles bring a little bit of fun to the fore as these adorable whales hold nothing back as they engage fully in the moment. Just look at their smiles and remind yourself to let go, all is actually ok. - completed 22 September 2015 Just such a cute baby dragon having a nap on the shelf of a young baby boy's room. - completed 16 June 2015

  For some reason I have always found chalk pastel drawings to be very relaxing for me and this was a gift intended for my Sis Mijaelle. - Completed March 2015 This is what I call spoiling my family. Yeah I just had to do this for my cute and cuddly little sis, she just loves the forests of the world. The anatomy depicted here shows how I was learning to define muscle structure and the colour palette allows for the calming energy. - completed in 2000  
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