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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
Click here to see pencil are sketches of Jaree Dewart. Click here to see soft pastel artworks by Jaree Dewart. Click here to see more of Jaree Dewart art made on the computer. Click here to see Jaree Dewart's other types of artwork, anything from paintings outside of soul art to miniature models.

This section in my Dreamer's Tower is the doorway that allows you to see more of my talent as a sketch artist. Many of these works were done just for fun and that’s why some have become greetings cards, whilst others have been turned into digital art. No matter what they turned into, they are all close to my heart.


The temptress was created when I was only 19 and seriously into comic art. Hey, I still like big boobs but maybe not that huge. - completed in March 2002 I was inspired by a comic artist here and wanted to show a face displaying anger, I reckon I got it right. - completed in March 2002 I thought it would be cool to do a type of self portrait and here I show how I learnt to have balance as can be seen by the fact that the flames are not raging mercilessly but are contained. Even though the spikes speak of aggression, the face is calm and in complete control. - completed in April 2002

I love this sketch as the woman depicted here is the one controlling her environment. She is moving the water in her hands and her hair is the fire of her passion. - completed in October 2002I took the inspiration from another comic artist and used it to create a sketch that I felt showed the protection I always received from my dad whilst he was alive. This shows strength and character in all that he does. - completed in November 2002 Have you ever felt that you want to rage at the world? Well I did and I used a combination of Taurus the bull, myself and a dragon, to show a heightened awareness of anger and force. - completed in October 2003

I have a lot of conviction about honour and this Celtic Guardian seems to be one of my early creations where I drew from a place way beyond what I was experiencing at the time. This drawing shows truth personified in every inch of the knight. - completed in November 2003

Even those who fight for justice can do it with style. This guy‘s stance tells you he means business, so watch out! - completed in December 2003The finger of this fellow shows his disdain for honour and he is determined to win at any cost. - completed in January 2004
I like Elves and Orcs and am a huge fan of the entire Lord of the Rings movie trilogy so it was apt for me to show opposing forces fighting to gain the upper hand. This eternal battle between good and evil rages on now and will do so throughout all time, even into the future.

This is a card that speaks volumes in that it was first created as a reggae man who had become a ghost and then it was transformed into a greeting card to show that life shouldn’t get you down. - completed in August 2005 I love the Chinese culture and oriental dragons are something I respect a lot. This picture had to show a man submitting to the power of the dragon even though he doesn’t forsake who he is. - completed in April 2007 As you recall, maybe, my sister carries Elfin energy and when she turned 21, I drew this so that she could have something magical that showed a part of her. - completed in August 2007

I started sketching this old medicine lady whilst on holiday in KZN one day and it soon became apparent that her “ugliness” showed years of experience and those eyes see more than you care to tell. - completed in April 2009 This Viking type warrior was drawn without any thought of what others may think. I love his kick ass attitude and armour; and I might even make a card out of him in the future. You never know. - completed in June 2009 This is a cute picture of a fellow who was having so much fun until he literally ran all his power out, sounds like it's time for a recharge?. - completed in August 2009 This guy is so chilled and hell he plays with magic for fun. I love the energy of being laid back no matter what you are doing. Being a wizard needn’t be stodgy. - completed in May 2010

When I drew her I was inspired by the Greek God Athena and I thought I would put my spin on it. Also “good on yah” if you spotted all the Owl symbology on her clothing and staff. - sketch completed in May 2010She is weightless and I was lying outdoors under the trees just allowing my hands to work magic. Wow, when my family saw this they raved and then insisted she become a card stat! - completed in June 2010
Both ladies were drawing from a desire to just let go of control and take off into the unknown.

I just love these two crazy bassets that we have and I reckon you know I love Star Wars too. (The originals)  Ha ha, so I thought it would be fun to show their attitudes in these poses, the one is playful and active and the other a fat cake eater lol. This can be seen under digital art and greeting cards as I changed it slightly when I finished it. - completed in September 2010 Flying Super TV is every young man’s dream as he lives for the TV and literally invites you to go on awesome journeys with him. - completed in June 2012These two crazy cats are modelled after my own two at home. We call them Ying and Yang and they are always getting up to mischief. - sketch completed in August 2012

I have always kinda imagined what a true South African Christmas card would look like well this is what my family and I came up with. And if you are wondering why penguins well that’s because of Cape Town “totally man.” - sketch completed in October 2012 I love drawing Native American shamans and now it has come time to once again use my Mother as inspiration, (She heals with her hands and often goes on meditations with Eagle's soaring high in the clouds), and add in just a touch of Celtic influence. - sketch completed in April 2013

I have always had a love for nature and I have always know that it is more alive than we know or realize.” - sketch completed in April 2015
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