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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.

As you may already know, I am Jâree, an Intuitive Soul Artist and I think it is apt to tell you how I started way back when I was just a little guy. My mom tells of the first time she and dad were asked to see the teacher at school because I refused to paint a tree in brown and green. You see mine was blue, hey even though I knew what to paint, I felt like making it blue. The teacher was uptight and wanted me to obey; luckily my folks stood with me and the tree stayed blue. So if you ask me when I first started, I would have to say that I have been drawing and creating since the dawn of time and that dawn came in May 1983.

As an imaginative young pup, I discovered the wonderful land of LEGO and of course, I didn’t follow the books on this either, so I made all kinds of thingamajigs from my imagination.  Life carried on with my adventure in art and I even won a Spur colouring in competition and it was obvious to all that I could bring things up out of my imagination. As a rebellious teenager who didn’t like school at all, I was happy to find a tutor who introduced me to painting nudes. Ooh la lah! I can remember drawing and painting whilst listening to music and drinking wine and eating, all my favourite pastimes in one day. Yippee.

I used this skill to sketch and create in line with anime and mange (It literally blew my mind) and I really let myself delve into the whole comic thing. I am still a huge fan of this genre and many of my cards depict this style. I enjoy the over emphasis and capturing of intensity which has given my skill such free reign as I am then able to push the limits of reality. I journeyed into wanting a business that made T-shirts and used my humour and cartoon comic art to make some fun things for friends. The business was just a hobby, but the passion was ever alive and evolving in me.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, we grow up and leave rebellion behind us, so even though I resisted at first, it was written in the cards, lol, that I would create spiritual art. Even though I enjoy thinking out the box, hmm, well my box is cool but hey, sometimes I peep out, and I want to share what I see in my heart and inner mind with others. I like hearing from deep within me and that is why I am able to connect to another person’s soul and heart, to bring something beautiful to the fore, literally capturing a moment in timelessness that will inspire them forever. Even this serious aspect of mine is tinged with humour as I am still a goofy fun guy who loves watching movies, playing games, reading comics and loving that my whole career is about art. What many people don’t know is that I am also writing a series of books about powerful beings and events that can literally transform the way we see the world. So not just a goofball, I carry a serious intent about making the world safe and showing that life is worth living. My art comes from the depths of my being and I can truly say that I do not create from emptiness, but from a soulful place of knowing that everything is wonderful and magical. That is why I created this: My Dreamer’s Tower, to allow you to look inside my life and to share the dream with me.

The adventure awaits you and may you see that I am able to take the ordinary and make it truly extraordinary. Enjoy the experience and don’t hesitate to ask me to bring something incredible to life for you too.