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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.

Welcome to my collection of Soul Art.

When I say I am a Soul Artist I am saying that I get asked to paint people as their higher selves ether telling a story of a past or even of their future. This is what I truly revel in, for I believe that one of my purposes in life is to be a Soulful Connector. Which in short is what soul art enables me to awaken that sometimes slumbering power of truth and limitlessness that is within us all.

As you can see this is my work of love,
and below that you are welcome to browse the rest of my Soul Art collection.

I Am One

I Am One - Completed in February 2015 Eagles and Phoenix guardian statues - Completed in February 2015 Teepee village - Completed in February 2015 Wolf, White Eagle and Dancing Feather - Completed in February 2015 Wolf - Completed in February 2015 White Eagle - Completed in February 2015 Dancing Feather - Completed in February 2015 Zen Master - Completed in February 2015 Melchizedek - Completed in February 2015 PachaMama - Completed in February 2015 Grazing Bison - Completed in February 2015

I put in a total of 417 hours over nine and a half months making this a real labour of love. It truly is my first masterpiece,  but more importantly, it is a wonderful depiction of my mother's past life as Dancing Feather (a Native American medicine woman and visionary). She is sitting atop a mountain with her grandfather "White Eagle" and his faithful companion "Wolf",  gazing into the realm beyond as she was known to do. The scenery depicts the beauty of the nature at that time and as you can see by the detailed imagery, it affords the onlooker a rare glimpse into pure oneness. The Zen Master is there as he depicts her connection to Buddhism and the ascended master Melchizedek is in his portal of energy revealing that his presence as a teacher in her life has always been felt. PachaMama speaks to us of mother earth and the Incan tradition of connection to all life and so we see her sowing the buffalo to roam freely. The waterfalls speak of regenerating life-force and the guardian  phoenix statues remind us that life continues and is balanced. The eagles soar high above in their beauty and freedom and the village and its inhabitants co-exist with horses and all life. A tranquil setting where hope thrives and beauty is openly displayed. Truly worthy of the title I am One, and I love everything about this painting and the light I was able to capture.

Speed painting of I Am One

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